Non-Surgical facelift

Long gone are the days where a facelift was only possible by going under the knife. Today, patients are able to achieve a lifting effect through a Non Surgical facelift or liquid facelift. The methods used for the facelift include a combination of Dr Avika’s techniques, and the MD Codes™, which is the evolved 8-point lift. These techniques are used to lift and rejuvenate the face, giving a very natural and balanced result. The treatment enhances the faces natural features and recontours the shape of the face. As a result, the skin also appears tighter and lines are softened.

Non Surgical methods are a cost effective way to achieve long lasting results that are not permanent. The results are subtle yet dramatic. One of the biggest advantage is there is no real downtime involved.

Non Surgical Facelift
Procedure Time

Procedure Time

30-45mins estimated

Back to Work

Back to Work


Full Recovery

Full Recovery

48 hours estimated



Effects immediately seen. Full results in 2 weeks

Risks & Complications

Risks & Complications

Infection, bruising, allergic reactions, swelling

Duration of Results

Duration of Results

Up to 24months




What does the Non surgical facelift involve?

After careful assessment and after application of topical anaesthetic cream, dermal fillers, and sometimes relaxants, can be administered to specific planned areas of the face depending on your requirements.

What are the MD Codes™?

The MD Codes™ were created by world famous Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr Mauricio de Maio. MD Codes™ are a series of formulated injections points for dermal filler, which are proven to elevate, rejuvenate and enhance the face, delivering natural-looking results, tailored to individual requirements. Applying this technique, we are taking on a holistic approach. Instead of adding weight and volume to the face, the Codes target the source of the problem, and as result you will receive a very natural fresh look.

Avika uses her own techniques combined with the MD codes to achieve a non surgical face lift.

What areas are treated?

  • Brows and Forehead
  • Under Eye
  • Temples
  • Cheeks
  • Smile lines
  • Marionette lines
  • Lips
  • Jawline
  • Chin

During the consultation, the various techniques for your specific concerns can be discussed.

Is it painful?

There is minimal discomfort during the treatment. Anaesthetic cream can be used if required. Only a small amount of filler is placed in each point so the discomfort, if any, is only minimal.

What are the results like?

Results are very natural and immediate. The facial features will be noticeably lifted and the overall appearance will be much more youthful. There can be a little swelling after treatment for a few days and the final result is usually apparent at 2-4 weeks later.

Is there any downtime?

Unlike a surgical facelift, one of the major benefits here is there is practically no downtime! The results are visible immediately.

How long does the treatment last?

How long the result will last is very individual, but typically lasts up to 24 months with the use of Allergan’s Juverderm Vycross range.